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Students are often surprised by how quickly they make progress once they start coming to us. Years of struggling at school and trying but failing to even work out what’s going wrong, never mind how to fix it, can understandably leave families feeling that things are never going to change – or at least not quickly enough.

Then they start to come for tuition classes or enrol in a targeted course at Exeter Tuition Centre. Within weeks there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Within a few months grades improve, targets are raised, and stress levels have dropped.

How can things improve so quickly?

A good way of understanding why tuition at ETC is so effective is to compare education to fitness.

Imagine that you are unfit. You weigh more than you should. You don’t have great cardio endurance. The idea of running a marathon sends shivers down your spine. You decide that something needs to change, so you join a gym. Your gym membership gives you access to all of the equipment you need to become fit and strong. The theory is simple: you go regularly, you work hard enough for long enough, and you improve.

But somehow it doesn’t seem to be as easy as you’d hoped. After an enthusiastic start you find you lack the motivation to go. When you do force yourself, you feel like you’re surrounded by fitter, stronger people with far more experience than you. You’re a bit intimidated, and when you need help you’re a bit afraid ask. You’re tempted to give up, and start pretending to yourself and everyone else that you don’t really care.

Sometimes we just need a little help

In the nick of time, a friend suggests that you work with a personal trainer. You’re not convinced it will work or be worth the money, but your friend persuades you to book just one session.

In that first session the trainer creates a personalised workout just for you. Everything is at just the right level, targeting your weaknesses and helping you to identify your strengths. They stand by you while you train, giving you someone to talk to who’s on your side. They make sure you’re doing everything correctly and encourage you to push yourself, giving you confidence in what you can already do and optimism about what you will soon be capable of doing. You forget about the fitter, stronger people around you.

Feeling encouraged and motivated, you book a block of sessions with your trainer. You look forward to your weekly sessions, and before you know it you’re also looking forward to going to the gym on your own between sessions – and reporting your progress to your trainer when you next see them. Then one proud day you look around you while you’re in the gym and you realise that now YOU are one of the fitter, stronger people in the room. And you know that you don’t need your personal trainer anymore.

We are your Personal Trainer

In the world of education, a school is like a gym, and we at Exeter Tuition Centre are like personal trainers. We understand the hurdles that students face, and we know how to help you over them. By enrolling in a class or course at ETC you are taking the first step towards academic success, and we promise you two things. First, we promise you that the journey will be shorter than you expect. And second, we promise that we will be thrilled for you when you don’t need us anymore!

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