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Summer Slide is the lesummer-slidearning loss that children experience over the summer holidays, when they’re not at school practising the key skills of reading, writing and maths every day. Research shows that on average children lose about one month of learning over the summer. That’s roughly 10% of what they’ve learnt during the previous school year! Plus, Summer Slide affects children who struggle to keep up even more than it affects those who already cope more easily. So without a plan in place, the gap between struggling children and their peers gets even wider over the summer holidays.

So the bad news is that Summer Slide is very real. The good news though is that it’s surprisingly easy to stop – and even reverse. Research has also shown that only two hours a week can eliminate Summer Slide. And if they work for more than two hours a week? Well, most children will then make gains over the holidays and start September full of confidence.

Tips to Stop Summer Slide

  • Enrol your child for one or two tuition sessions per week over the holidays.

We are open continuously, and we’ll be running weekday morning sessions throughout August. Don’t forget to take advantage of our Summer Special Offer for a great deal on extra sessions.

  • Build half an hour of Mathscore into your weekly routine at home.

This is especially important if you can only come once a week, Talk to your child’s tutor if you haven’t used Mathscore at home yet. They’ll tell you all about how fun and effective it is!

  • Make sure you keep your child’s ‘school’ brain active while you’re away.

For holidays of more than one week, schedule some ‘work’ time while you’re away. Keep it fun – write a story together that’s set in your holiday destination, learn a few words of the local language, work out how many degrees hotter it is there than at home… Your child’s online maths account is also ideal when you’re on holiday (it works well on a phone or tablet).

  • If you’re stuck for ideas, feel free to email or call for advice or to give your child a bit of extra homework.