The tuition is working. Things are going well at school and homework is no longer a battle. So is it time to stop the extra help? Can your son or daughter manage on their own now?

Remind yourself of the reason for starting

As children progress and gain confidence it can be easy to forget how far they’ve come under the guidance and support of their tutor, so before making any decisions it’s important to remember why you started tuition in the first place, and what’s changed since then.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Was there a specific goal like an exam or an entrance test?
  • Did something specific cause a short-term problem?
  • Had long-term struggles gradually become worse and worse as the years passed?

Has that reason gone away?

The next step is to ask yourself whether that original reason for wanting tuition has gone away. Have you achieved your goal? Has the cause of the original problem been solved or removed?

If the reason was something specific or short-term – an exam, an illness, an absent teacher – then this question is quite easy to answer.

But if your child experienced long-term difficulties before getting help, it can be harder to tell whether the underlying problem has ‘gone away’ once they’ve caught up with their peers. Will they be able to keep up on their own? Or will they slip back again without the extra help? 

Are there any new reasons for continuing?

If you decide that the original problem has been solved, then we’ve done our job and we’ll be really happy when you call to tell us that you no longer need our services!

But before you pick up the phone, I encourage you to ask yourself one more question:

Have there have been any unexpected benefits that make it worth continuing?

Has your son or daughter shown promise and potential that you didn’t know was there? Are they more confident than ever? More curious, more thoughtful, calmer and more focussed? Becoming more ambitious? 

Tuition at Exeter Tuition Centre truly is about much more than just doing well at school and passing exams. For fifteen years we have been helping children to become the best possible version of themselves, showing them what they’re capable of and motivating them to want to work hard and achieve their potential. If we have helped you to achieve your original goals, we will be proud of a job well done when your child leaves. But if we are able to join you and your child on a longer journey towards a new level of success, we will feel privileged that we can help the next generation to reach a little higher.

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