It is a commonly held misconception that school is obligatory in England. The truth is that education (in some form) is obligatory, but school is not – and neither is the national curriculum.

This comes as welcome news to the increasing number of families who find themselves taking a crash course in home education when their son or daughter becomes unable to go to school. Overcrowded classrooms, staff shortages, social media, exam stress and many other pressures are piling up for all children, and for some the pile is toppling and real harm is being done to their mental health. Sometimes the solution lies in coming completely away from school for a while, although this can come with its own stresses and pressures – for both parents and children.

Be In Control… Confidently!

It’s surprisingly easy to take control of your child’s education. It’s as simple as taking them out of school! You can then choose to teach your child yourself at home, to work with private tutors, to enrol in distance learning, or to come to a Centre like ours for a ‘full-service’ approach, with both professional tuition and advice.

At Exeter Tuition Centre we have been supporting home-educated families for many years, and we know that the responsibility of homeschooling can feel overwhelming. If you are embarking on this process we would encourage you to give us a call. If you choose to include us as all or part of your home education solution, we will be here for both you and your child.

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