This is a selection of extracts from recent thank you emails and comments made to us by parents and students. All of these testimonials were unsolicited.

I’m really keen for ‘J’ to continue, I know he is benefiting a lot – it was only yesterday evening that he was doing some revision at home and showed me some sums that he said he wouldn’t have been able to do two months ago and he was obviously very proud of himself and relieved that he knew how to do it.

Mrs M. April 2018

We want to thank you all, and especially Andrew, for the fantastic tuition you have provided. ‘E’ has thoroughly enjoyed her Saturday mornings with Andrew and she has come on in leaps and bounds, culminating in passing the 11+ and being offered a place at her ‘perfect school’, Torquay Girls Grammar.

Mr & Mrs K. April 2018

Just wanted to say we were really pleased at how ‘E’ got on [in her Taster Session]. She was really positive and more importantly happy and wants to come back, which is just great.

Mrs Q. March 2018

We are pleased to let you know that both ‘H’ and ‘I’ passed their respective entrance exams at Exeter School and we are naturally thrilled.

Mr G. March 2018

‘F’ got an A and a Merit in English, and was only 13 marks off a C in Maths! So, a big thank you goes to you.

Mrs W. January 2018

You are amazing. Thank you so so much. … We are really happy with ETC and can see good progress in the boys. We thank you all for helping our chaps.

Mrs B. January 2018

I thought you would be pleased to know that P has passed her 11+ test for entry to the Torquay Girls Grammar school … Obviously we are all very pleased and would like to thank you for your professional help. You are very good at what you do and it has been a pleasure knowing you.

Mr & Mrs S. October 2017

K has passed the 11+ exam to get the entry to Colyton grammar school. We would like to thank you and Andrew for all the support given to K during the summer time for his exam preparation. He was very comfortable with Andrew’s lessons. Hoping to see you again.

Mrs K. October 2017

On returning to school “I” has moved up two maths groups and is now in the top class.

Mrs R. September 2017

L’s progress is amazing and I can’t thank you and Vicky enough for helping her out, her confidence is growing more and more every day.

Mrs S. August 2017

Many thanks for your excellent tuition delivered by Vicky. S has gained significant improvement in English and Maths. I am sorry for the cancellation of my membership because S has to go back to China next term.

Mr L. July 2017

Please could you pass on our grateful thanks to Andrew … J has commented many times on how much this has helped him and how patient Andrew has been. J felt the one to one hours had been so beneficial in clarifying a lot of things that he struggled with.

Mrs M. June 2017

My son, age 7, has gained a tremendous amount from his time with Andrew. His confidence and ability has grown in his learning. Andrew’s gentle approach in encouraging my son was spot-on. The centre is always punctual and the feedback brilliant. Highly recommend.

Mrs B. May 2017

A really big thank you to Vicky B, who has been absolutely fantastic with Z, she has boosted his confidence and shown him that he is just as capable as the next child – even his school have commented on what a difference they have seen in him.

Mrs R. April 2017

…the quality of tuition that the children are receiving … has been amazing. Thank you for all the help and support, it really has been tremendous and of course if we feel we have a need then we will be straight back in touch … all the tutors have been excellent!

Mrs C. March 2017

‘R’ is finding the tuition very beneficial after a very difficult time for her in Year 6.

Mrs D. March 2017

She loved her taster session!

Mrs H. February 2017

‘J’ always comes in from the sessions bouncing. Your input and the work has really improved his confidence and his performance at school.

Mrs S. January 2017

Both girls passed their Torquay Grammar entrance exams back in September, what a relief! … Thank you for your efforts with them both, I’m sure it was very valuable and I have no hesitation in recommending the centre.

Mrs C. November 2016

Just to tell you that ‘A’ has passed the 11+!

Mrs J. October 2016

The sessions have boosted T’s work and confidence a great deal, and he came out above target in both subjects. For this we are both extremely grateful.

Mrs R. September 2016

You’ve been brilliant. You’ve opened their eyes to the importance of education, not just in school, but in the wider sense. That’s what I’ve really liked.

Mr B. July 2016

I’m so pleased. I can’t tell you how pleased I am.

Mrs M. July 2016

You have worked wonders.  He would get a C if he sat his Maths GCSE now, and he has a year to go. He’s become a driven and motivated student.

Mr H. July 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful, nurturing learning environment you have afforded all our children. It has given them so much confidence.

Mrs P. July 2016

We continue to be delighted with how ‘R’ is doing and more importantly how much she enjoys her sessions.

Mrs L. June 2016

Thank you for your input over the last year, it’s made a huge difference. I only wish we’d started sooner.

Mr A. June 2016

‘C’s confidence has really improved and he’s gone from doing ok to doing really well and getting As in everything. It’s worked so well for us.

Mrs J. May 2016

We’ve been really happy with everything, it’s been great, and ‘K’ is feeling ready for his SATs.

Mrs C. April 2016

To see ‘B’ make this much progress has been fantastic. We have been very impressed with the professionalism, attitude and continued support from every member of staff at the centre. We will be recommending to friends and family should the need arise and wouldn’t hesitate to come back ourselves.

Mrs M. March 2016

We appreciate all you have done for ‘G’, the support he’s received has been exceptional and helped him at school immensely.

Mrs G. January 2016

‘S’ has been a long term pupil at the tuition centre and has benefitted tremendously from the lessons provided, the guidance that the tutorial provides and the self confidence that the tutors promote.  I cannot thank you enough for all your help over the years … I know ‘S’ feels slightly sad as he has always enjoyed the lessons.

Mrs W. December 2015

Thank you for your support and your wonderful staff. ‘C’ has really gained a lot from tuition, not only academically but with his confidence as well.

Mrs L. October 2015

Just wanted to let you know that ‘H’ has passed her entrance exam and has a place at the school next year … Regardless of whether she had passed or not we were very happy with the progress she had made.

Mrs D. October 2015

You have gone above and beyond for us.

Mrs E. September 2015

Just wanted to say a big Thank You to you and your lovely staff for all the work you have put in to help ‘J’ and ‘J’. It has helped their confidence and improved their skills and has allowed me to help assess the progress they are both making in school.

Mrs B. September 2015

Thank you for all your support, understanding and dedication not only towards ‘J’ but towards my husband and I as parents.

Mrs K. August 2015

She was afraid to go to school until she started coming here.

Mr T. August 2015

My daughter got the A grade in the Maths GCSE which she so badly needed, thanks to you.

Mrs P. August 2015

I wish I could come here every day.

July 2015

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