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The Exeter Tuition Centre is conveniently located in central Exeter, just minutes from the University, both railway stations and all shopping. There is plenty of parking in the car-park just outside and behind the Centre.

The Park House is a pretty, listed, Georgian building which has a special atmosphere of its own.  It is a spacious and tranquil environment for children to learn in. The building is well away from any main roads, so it’s safe and simple to drop off and pick up your children.

We have a comfortable lounge area where you can wait for your child, and take advantage of our free WiFi.

Exeter Tuition Centre

Our Team

Qualified teachers with years of experience

The team at Exeter Tuition Centre are all qualified teachers with years of experience working in schools. They know their subjects inside out, and they also know the demands that today’s classroom places on children. They have been trained to create motivating work plans to bring out your child’s unique talents, and to teach in a way that fosters independence and motivation.


Tamsin is co-founder of the Exeter Tuition Centre which she started in 2013 together with Diane Antone. She is a qualified and highly experienced teacher of Maths, English and Science. She has a BSc (1st Class Hons) in Chemical Engineering from Queens University, Ontario, Canada, and QTS from the University of Kent, Christ Church College. Tamsin is also a member of MENSA. She began her teaching career at Kent College, Canterbury, and then moved on to start her first Tuition Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex in 2004, followed 9 years later by the Exeter Tuition Centre.

With twenty years of experience in education, including classroom teaching, small group tuition and one-to-one tuition, Tamsin ensures that Exeter Tuition Centre provides the best quality tuition available anywhere, and she also freely offers advice and recommendations to all of our clients. She is the main point of contact in all matters, so you will reach her whether you phone, email, or message us via social media.

Tamsin has many wide-ranging interests, including homeopathy, gardening and beekeeping. She plays the baroque recorder in her spare time and is a member of the Exeter Recorder Orchestra and Pinwood Pipes, a recorder consort, both of which perform locally.


Andrew teaches English, Maths and Science to children aged 5 upwards and also specialises in Maths, Chemistry and Biology for ages 14 to 18.

After attending Hampton Grammar School, Middlesex where he obtained excellent A Levels, Andrew gained his BSc. (Zoology) from the University of Durham. He obtained his PGCE from the University of Exeter in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Andrew has taught his subjects in Surrey, Malawi, Nottingham, Oman and Bramdean School in Exeter. His interests include sport, amateur dramatics and natural history. He is currently writing a book about the natural history of Exeter, and is an authority on the nesting pair of peregrine falcons which live within sight of the Centre.

Andrew is a dedicated teacher who brings a wealth of experience to the Centre. His gentle manner combined with a love of both teaching and learning motivates children to do their very best.



Vicky teaches English and Maths to children aged 5 upwards and also specialises in English for 14 to 18 year olds.

After attending Foley’s Grammar School in Cyprus, where she obtained excellent A Levels, Vicky obtained her BSc. Hons (Psychology) from the University of Nottingham. Her PGCE is from the University of Cambridge, with a specialism in English. She subsequently obtained a distinction in a Post Graduate Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy from the City University, London.  She has worked as a teacher in Hong Kong, Cambridge, Roehampton and London.

Vicky brings a broad portfolio of skills to the Centre, as well as youthful qualities of energy, enthusiasm and adaptability.  Her caring and conscientious approach combined with her qualifications mean that she is well-equipped to help children across the spectrum, from overcoming specific speech and language learning difficulties to achieving top grades at GCSE and A-Level.

Vicky B

Vicky teaches English and Maths to children aged 4 upwards, including Eleven Plus preparation, and also specialises in Geography, History and Religious Studies for 14 to 18 year olds.

After completing her A-Levels at Richard Huish College in Taunton she obtained her BA Hons (Theological Studies) from Exeter University. Vicky went on to obtain her PGCE teaching qualification from Bath University with a specialism in Humanities, and a few years later returned to Exeter University where she obtained a Masters degree in Special Educational Needs with a focus on literacy. More recently Vicky has also acquired a Diploma in Childcare.

Vicky brings to the Centre experience teaching a wide variety of subjects in diverse schools and to a broad range of ages. She has a thoughtful, methodical and organised approach which she applies to both her planning and her teaching, and she always takes the time to reflect on the best approach for each individual child she works with.


Audrey started life in Zimbabwe where she grew up wild and free. She trained to be a nurse and then travelled to the UK to train as a Midwife. She married and started her own family, quickly realising that shift work and family life did not go together very easily. Undaunted, she retrained, doing a 4 year teaching degree, specialising in Science at Greenwich University.

Audrey has taught in a variety of schools in both South East London and in Devon. Her experience ranges from Special Needs to extending the gifted and talented pupils. She teaches all primary subjects including Maths and English up to KS3. She has a great deal of experience in preparing children for the 11 plus exams as she taught in London Borough of Bexley, which still has the grammar school system.

Audrey is a story teller and a published author. She has written ‘The Dragon Princess’ a modern fairy-tale for all ages. This book is being used in secondary schools for the lower ability English classes in KS3. Her second book, ‘Fireworks Night’ is due out soon and is aimed at younger children.

Audrey brings to the centre a passion for helping children to reach their full potential. She believes that education should be exciting and fun, preparing each child to be an independent learner.

Our Classes

In every one of our Classes your child will follow their own personal programme, working one-to-one with their tutor in a small group environment.

As your child progresses, their programme is adjusted to meet their exact needs at all times. Dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and other needs are addressed by our experienced teachers. Your input is always welcome, especially at the end of the session when your tutor will discuss how your child has done, give homework, and chat about the next steps.

Our teaching method guarantees more confidence and motivation for your child.

Our Beliefs

At our Centre our teachers believe that every child needs and deserves a good grasp of the basic skills of language and number.

But we know that sometimes children lack the confidence they need to get the best out of school. Sometimes children need just that little bit of extra help. And sometimes the right help at a crucial moment can make all the difference. We believe that improving confidence, motivating through success and developing focus and concentration will bring the brightest possible future to your child.

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